Is IIPM a scam? Everything about IIPM – Part 4

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This post is a continuation of the third post about IIPM, one of the most hyped B Schools of India. If you have not read the third post, visit Is IIPM a scam? Everything about IIPM – Part 3 before you continue reading the fourth part.

I spoke to Anurag for about 25 – 35 minutes and the conversation was completely about IIPM. I had been seeing several rumours and allegations about IIPM and the responses for them were, however, not accurate. I therefore needed a reply from the IIPM directly, as only then it would clear all the doubts and allegations surrounding it. As soon as Anurag congratulated me, I thanked him. He asked me, when am I joining IIPM? I informed him that I need some time plus, I have a few questions about IIPM for which I need an answer. Remember that Anurag holds one of the most top positions at IIPM, New Delhi and hence, obtaining answers from him is probably the best solution than asking others or searching the Internet. Here is the conversation that we had –

Me – I have seen and heard a lot about IIPM and if I look online, most of the web pages and websites criticize IIPM. Why is it so?

Anurag – What do you mean?

Me – I mean, if I take a look at the IIPM degrees or its market value, why are so many people on the Internet criticizing IIPM? Why is it so? Do you have anything to say?

Anurag – IIPM has been in the market from several years. We initially started off with two campuses and now, we have over 8 campuses. This growth has come in rapidly and this clearly shows that IIPM has its value in the market. As you know, IIPM is ranked the No.1 in Global Exposure, right?

Me – Right…Right

Anurag – So, we prepare students accordingly, take them to other universities across the globe and because of this, all other institutes obviously will spoil our name, as they are incapable of providing quality education like IIPM. Also, Internet is an open place where anybody can write anything. So people who wish to spoil IIPM in the market will write. Now if I hire 10 people to write bad about a company, they will obviously write it…and that’s what has happened….

Me – Right, and may I also know the value of the degrees that you guys provide? And which courses do you offer?

Anurag – We offer 5 types of courses and they are –

1) Cost of the Course: 4,95,000

Degree: MBA degree from MS University + Certificate in Planning and Entrepreneurship from IIPM.

Degree offered from: UGC recognized Tamilnadu University and NAAC Accredited, Ministry of HRD Approved

Foreign Tour: No

2)Cost of the Course: 6,96,000

Degree: MBA degree from an Indian University + Certificate in Planning and Entrepreneurship from IIPM

Degree offered from: UGC recognized Tamilnadu University

Foreign Tour: Yes, 6 nights to Singapore

3)Cost of the Course: 7,96,000

Degree: MBA degree from IMI Belgium + Certification in Planning and Entrepreneurship from IIPM

Degree offered from: IMI Belgium

Foreign Tour: Yes, 7 nights in Brussels + 5 nights in Dubai

4)Cost of the Course: 10,00,000

Degree: MBA degree from IMI Belgium + Certificate in Planning and Entrepreneurship from IIPM + Certificate in European Management from IMI Belgium

Degree offered from: IMI Belgium

Foreign Tour: Yes, 6 nights in Brussels + 6 nights in Switzerland

5)Cost of the Course: 11,00,000

Degree: MBA degree from IMI Belgium +Certificate in Planning and Entrepreneurship from IIPM + Certification from Partnered B Schools Wharton School of Business, University of Texas, etc.

Degree offered from: IMI Belgium

Foreign Tour: Yes, 3 weeks to US/UK/European university

Which one do you want to choose?

Me – Well, I need to know the importance of these degrees and how about the placements? If I take up the last option, will I get a very high paying job? Or is it the same as the first course?

Anurag – To be honest, IIPM has till now achieved 100% placements within the campus. Our students have got salaries as high as 20 lakh per annum. The minimum salary package that our students were offered was 3.5 lakh per annum while the maximum is 20 lakh per annum. But it can be even high. But let me tell you Sanjay that placements are done across all IIPM campuses in India and you can attend any of the interviews. If you have graded well throughout the semesters, you will obviously be given a good paying job.

Me – That’s fine but I asked you, is there a difference if I chose the first degree costing less than 5 lakh rupees when compared to the last degree costing approximately 12 lakhs?

Anurag – It is obvious that every company prefers Global certification. If you therefore have a UGC recognized certificate from India, chances are that you will have to choose an Indian company with a lower pay package. If you however choose the degree costing 7,96,000 then you get a degree from IMI Belgium, an international PGDM degree which is accepted by MNCs across the globe.

Me – One more question. Is IIPM recognized by UGC or AICTE?

Anurag – Why? Why do you want it to be recognized?

Me – Well, I mean…If it is recognized then most of the companies do prefer to offer jobs. I mean, that’s what I have seen everywhere.

Anurag – Which company has said that? Tell me….I will clarify.

Me – Well, that is the usual known fact that an institute that is recognized will be preferred by companies.

Anurag – Let me tell you that a recognition from AICTE is required for colleges offering technical courses. We do not offer them and hence, an AICTE certification is not a necessity. And regarding UGC recognition, we already offer it.

Me – Right. And tell me, is there any other hidden taxes or fees that I need to pay? How about textbooks, classrooms and when are classes conducted?

Anurag – Classes are conducted from Monday to Saturday. All our campuses are WiFi enabled and you can access all campus facilities like Gymnasium, Wi-Fi and much more. All classrooms are Air Conditioned and offer a good environment to study. The fees that I quoted include everything, in fact it includes your foreign tour, laptop and textbooks too. So there is nothing more to pay.

Me – But I am not sure if I can pay so much. Do you provide any help?

Anurag – Yes, we do have tie-ups with banks and you can pay the money in installments. So nothing to worry about that.

Me – Aright then..thanks a lot….I will speak to my parents and let you know once I come to a conclusion about joining IIPM.

Anurag – Alright Sanjay, thanks for your time. Do call me back on this same number 965****397 if you need any further clarifications.

Me – Alright…Thanks a lot again.

IIPM offers certificate courses from IMI Belgium

Well, this is what the conversation that took place between Anurag, IIPM and myself. Now, I would have concluded my post here confirming that IIPM is indeed a great institute and that their degrees are worth. But there is something more that I need to show all of you, which will help each and every MBA aspirant to take the right decision. Probably, after reading the next post, which is also the last post that I write about IIPM, you will be able to conclude the authenticity and the value of IIPM and the degrees that they offer. So go ahead and read the next post, which is also the concluding part, and you will get to know the unknown secrets and the hype behind IIPM!

P.S. The next post (Is IIPM a scam? Everything about IIPM – Part 5) has been removed, as we received a request from the lawyer (who claims IIPM is his client) requesting us to remove the last (concluding part) part of “Is IIPM a scam? Everything about IIPM” series of posts. Upon his request, the next part has currently been removed. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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