MBA at PESIT or PESSE: Everybody’s dream!

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If you are a graduate who is aspiring to be a MBA Post Graduate at one of the most esteemed colleges in India, you have come to the right place. Yes, I am talking about PES Institute of Technology, or popularly known as PESIT, located on the 100 Feet Ring road in Bangalore. PES also has another institute named PES School of Engineering, or popularly known as PESSE, located on Hosur road in Bangalore.

With the intention of doing my MBA at PESIT or at PESSE, I decided to contact the college last week regarding the procedures that they follow in order to admit students for the MBA program. They said, I need to attend the Group Discussion / Personal Interview at their PESIT campus on the 08th of January 2011. All candidates had to carry a copy of MAT score card, a photocopy of their S.S.L.C, P.U.C. and Graduation marks cards + any relevant work experience letters, if available.

Apply for IUP MBA at PES University

I went to the PESIT campus on the 08th of January 2011 at 9:00 am. After searching for the Tech Park Seminar Hall, I finally found that it was next to the Union Bank of India. I entered the Hall and found that about 10 people were already there. It is a huge hall with a seating capacity of about 100 – 125 people. We were then called to fill a few forms with our name, qualification, MAT score, residential address and much more. We were then asked to pay 600 INR for the Group Discussion/Personal Interview. I paid the cash and got a seat for myself, in the second row.

The clock struck 10:00 am and people were still coming in. Everybody who came had to stand in the queue, fill the necessary details + pay the cash. This process took a lot of time and by 10:30 am, everything was completed and every candidate were in their seats. The whole Seminar Hall was filled and the person who had to take the seminar, stepped in.

Cost of IUP MBA at PESIT, Bengaluru

The seminar was conducted by the Dean, Rahul Parmar, who took us through all the slides, gave us the insights about the college, courses and everything else. The conclusions were as follows – PESIT and PESSE offers two types of courses for MBA aspirants –

1) MBA from VTU, 2years duration
Campus: PESIT or PESSE
Cost of the course: 7 lakhs + miscellaneous at PESIT ; 6 lakhs + miscellaneous at PESSE.

2) MBA from Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP), 1.5 years duration
Campus: PESIT or PESSE
Cost of the course: 6.5 lakhs + miscellaneous. (course fee same at both the campuses)

Benefits of MBA Degree from IUP and PES University

One thing that I noticed was that Rahul Parmar was emphasizing on IUP program than VTU. The Dean also said that IUP program is most sought after by the recruiters when compared to VTU courses, as IUP employs a different methodology of teaching. And he is indeed true!

Just to let you all know, IUP offers a MBA degree (and not PGDM/PGDBA unlike other colleges) from Indiana University located at Pennsylvania. The best part is, the whole course gets completed in 1.5 years of duration. The MBA from IUP for 2011 begins in July 2011 and gets concluded by December 2012, thereby providing an option to work 6 months earlier than MBA students of VTU/BU or any other university!

GD and PI process for IUP MBA

The seminar was concluded by 11:00 am and the entire set of students were formed into several groups, with each group consisting of about 10 students. I was a part of Group A and along with me were about 9 students. Then, each group was assigned a classroom where the GD would be conducted. Before that, we were told that breakfast was arranged. We all left the seminar hall and followed Mrs Shreya, Program Manager at PESIT, who took us to the place where some hot breakfast was arranged.

The breakfast that was served was Kharabath + Kesaribath + Hot Coffee/Tea along with some biscuits. We all finished our breakfast and to be honest, it was really tasty. Then, we were called by Mrs Shreya to assemble in E 114 room at the Ground floor in the PESIT campus. We all went inside and 10 chairs were arranged. We all sat on the chairs next to each other while Mrs Shreya sat on the table, right opposite to us. The GD was started and we had to participate in 5 different topics. The topics included ‘Benefits of the upcoming Metro in Bangalore’, ‘Job opportunities at U.S.’, ‘Common Wealth Games that was hosted in India’, ‘Harassment of women’ and many more. The whole process took about 30 – 45 minutes. Then, we were told to wait outside for about 5 minutes, as the Dean would be taking our PI one after the other.

In about 10 minutes, the PI started and I was the fourth one to get in. The Dean asked a few questions and after about 10 minutes, I was declared on the spot that I was selected. I was completely happy and thrilled. I was asked to choose the program that I wish to join, and I choose IUP, considering that it involved a completely different method of teaching when compared to VTU. As I was selected, I had to pay 1,25,000 INR within 7 days in order to provisionally confirm and book the seat.

The results were also announced on their PES official website and about 55 of them were selected out of 100+ students. So to conclude, PESIT + PESSE are two great campuses and it is definitely a dream of every student to study there. The atmosphere and the quality of education at PES has been outstanding from several years. The placements for students who successfully complete their MBA is on a high rate, with more than 90% of the students getting placed. If you are therefore looking forward to do your MBA at PESIT or PESSE then do not hesitate. You will however have to be ready to shell out 7 lakhs to do your MBA (VTU) at PESIT campus, or 6 lakhs to do your MBA(VTU) at PESSE campus. Or if you wish to study MBA from IUP then you will have to spend 6.5 lakhs for the complete course. So have you decided to study at PESIT / PESSE? Or, do you think that there are better colleges in Bengaluru to do your MBA?

UPDATE (2020): MBA from IUP is being offered only at PES University South Campus (Electronic City) from 2011 onwards. Also, the course fees has changed in the last few years. For the latest information on the IUP MBA program and the course fees, visit PES University or Contact Us and we’ll get the details for you.

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