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When life takes a U-Turn!

Today is the 30th of March, Monday. It’s a regular weekday, and I can only imagine the hustle and bustle of a regular city life. From uninterrupted honking of vehicles to rushing to your office within time, it’s all there in a regular day’s life.

Today, though it’s the 30th of March, the situation isn’t what is expected. Since the outbreak of Corona virus, almost every individual’s life has turned topsy-turvy. There’s no more going to office, no more honking, no more stressful driving, or evening parties. Life has, to some extent, come to a standstill. All thanks to the deadly virus, Corona.

U.S.A lockdown due to Corona virus: My Indian friends in trouble!

A lot of my friends, from my old office to my MBA classmates, were settled in the U.S since many years now. They were happy because they got the kind of freedom and money that they wanted. Today, the situation is more fun. They are calling up their family and friends, and crying their heart out. One of my good friend, called me up a day ago, and expressed his inability to work and stay at peace in the U.S; and he really wanted to see his parents and extended family. But alas, he cannot. He is under lockdown for the next couple of weeks. I can only imagine his mental stability at the moment, and I pray to the Universe to give my friend the much needed strength.

This is not just limited to the U.S but to almost all other countries where the Corona virus has taken over the citizens’ regular life. Many of my friends are extremely keen to return to India and join their families. Having said that, this pandemic has certainly caught the entire world unexpectedly, and this is bound to have a deeper impact for several weeks to come by.

Staying at home is the solution

At this very moment, staying at home is the solution. There is Corona virus in Italy, Corona virus in America, Corona virus in India, Corona virus in China and on 190+ countries. So, this is a global problem, that needs a permanent solution. Having said that, the only solution that we have right now is to stay at home and isolate ourselves from others. So, let us just do that. Of course, do take a look at the home remedy for Corona virus that let’s you take simple steps to safeguard yourself.

I believe, if we all can isolate ourselves honestly and AVOID coming out of the house, we can STOP the spread of Corona virus altogether. Let us end this soon and return to our wonderful and energetic lives that we had. Are you with me?

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