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21 things to do for 21 days: Corona virus lockdown

Last evening, Mr. Narendra Modi has informed the nation that there would be 21 days of lockdown across India. This means, for the next 21 days, you cannot go out of the house without a specific reason; and that specific reason, must convince the police. Else, you might get yourself in trouble.

While I was terrified looking hearing the news about the 21-day lockdown, there’s very little I could do about it. It’s an order imposed by the Prime Minister of a country, and you need to respect it. Considering the fact that the lockdown has been imposed for the nation’s welfare, it makes more sense to honestly follow it.

Benefits of Work from Home

Now that we have 21 days starting today, until the 14th of April, let’s make the best use of it. While most of us work from home, on the positive side, there are a few good aspects that come with it. Let’s see some of them now –

  • You can save money and time by not travelling to office
  • You get to eat home cooked food that’s healthy and tasty.
  • You can spend more time with your loved ones.
  • Your work gets efficient as there’s less distraction (gossips, fun talk, smoke break, tea break, etc.)

While the above list is not exhaustive, you can always add more benefits by working from home. Now that we have to work from home for the next 3 weeks, let’s make it worthwhile. Let’s make it beneficial for ourselves.

I’ve tried to list down 21 things that you can do, each per day, that can make your “home grounded” period useful. You may even combine one or many of these things on the same day. That, I’ll leave it to you. But as a rule, you need to do at least 1 new activity per day. Ready to give it a shot?

21 things to do for 21 days

Day 1: Read a new book, preferably a New York Times best seller.

Day 2: Watch an award-winning movie you’ve never seen before

Day 3: Learn a new language, start from the basics

Day 4: Make a phone call to a relative; I am sure you’ve hundreds of them whom you’ve never called or spoken to, just because you have no time

Day 5: Start to meditate. Begin with at least 20 minutes of meditation

Day 6: Learn yoga and successfully do one of the postures. Dedicate at least 30 minutes.

Day 7: Visualise something that you always want. Write it down and feel happy about it.

Day 8: Write down your goal in life, and what measures you’re taking to achieve it

Day 9: Donate your clothes and books to someone in need. You’ve tons of online firms who can pick it up (of course, after the lockdown, but do search for it and keep it aside)

Day 10: Appreciate the good habits / gestures of one of your family members. Write it down and show it to them.

Day 11: Seek feedback about your behaviour and attitude, from someone close to you – it could be your wife/husband, friend or a colleague.

Day 12: Play a game with your loved ones – ludo, chess, scrabble, word game, sudoku; anything

Day 13: Teach something that you know, to your loved one. It could be basic coding skills, how to paint, how to write articles, etc.

Day 14: Do a video call with your school friend now settled abroad, a colleague now working from a different state; or to your cousin who’s now working from a different country; basically, to a person who’s far off.

Day 15: Spend time alone and jot down points on how you can make time for yourself, every day. This will help you after the 21-day lockdown.

Day 16: Exercise – Be a walk on the terrace, or power yoga. Or, jog wherever you are. Do for at least 30 minutes and until you sweat vigorously.

Day 17: Cook a meal at home. Your favourite one. If you don’t know, learn it and then cook. Serve for all.

Day 18: Clean the house, I mean, the complete house – From window panes to under the bed, from curtains to doors, just clean it.

Day 19: Sit down and have a talk with your dad, mom, brother, sister, wife or children. Talk your heart out about their likes and dislikes; this will bring in the “lost connectivity” among your family.

Day 20: Consume veggies, fruits and lots of water for a day. No sugar, salt, coke, sweets, fried food and refined flour.

Day 21: Learn a new activity. It could be a new game, a new recipe, a new exercise, a new learning such as how to sketch, etc. But, learn something new that can keep your mind engaged for at least a couple of hours.

So, this was my list of 21 engaging things to do over the next 21 days. Do let me know if you believe anything else should be added. Happy 21 days 🙂

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