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Lockdown 4.0 in Bangalore and Karnataka: What is allowed and what is not!

Lockdown 4.0 starts from today, and this is the 4th edition of lockdown, at least from the “edition” perspective. Though on ground, Corona virus is still rampant across the country and in almost all 200 countries globally. What I can see is, relaxing the lockdown is more of relaxation for your body and mind, than the actual virus itself.

Having said that, it’s important to understand that lockdown relaxation is essential. In Karnataka, lockdown 4.0 makes way for several new things that were not available before. Let us quickly take a look at them below. Do note that all of these are applicable from May 19, 2020 and is only valid from 7am to 7pm. Also, this is not applicable on May 24th and May 31st.

What’s available in lockdown 4.0 in Bangalore and Karnataka?

  • All the roadside shops such as flower and vegetable vendors, pan stalls
  • Roadside eateries including chat shops and fast food outlets
  • BMTC buses across Bengaluru
  • KSRTC buses across Karnataka
  • Ola and Uber cab services across Karnataka (driver + maximum 3 passengers)
  • Ola and Uber auto services across Karnataka (driver + maximum 2 passengers)
  • Parks open between 5am – 7am and between 5pm – 7pm
  • All beauty parlours, spa and salon
  • All bakeries, eateries and food joints
  • All restaurants (takeaway only)
  • All other shops such as mobile phone sales and service, car sales and service, 2-wheeler showroom and service, hardware and electrical shops, retail and fashion stores and others

What’s NOT available in lockdown 4.0 in Bangalore and Karnataka?

  • Flights
  • Metro trains
  • Regular trains
  • Gymnasiums
  • Swimming pools
  • Indoor stadiums and auditoriums
  • Malls and cinema halls
  • Lounge and pubs

While the list of available things are exhaustive, it’s important to note that all of these are available until the 31st of May. Post that, we are not sure what would be the next decision taken by the Central/State Government. As far as I know, the list of allowed items/activities will certainly continue, and most likely that will be added to the list will be restaurants for dine-in and gymnasiums. But it’s all under their decision and let’s respect it, as it’s certainly for the welfare of the nation and not for anyone’s personal gain.

Before I end this post, don’t forget that all of the above allowed activities/items are only for healthy adults with no symptoms of fever, cough or cold. Plus, at all times, you will need to wear a mask when you step out of the house. Stay safe, stay healthy 🙂

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