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Not having enough money? You can still be happy!

Money. Who doesn’t need it? Who is happy and contended with whatever money they have? Yes, there may be a few. However, by and large, you will only find people who need more and more money. And even more money. There can never be a situation, hypothetically, where you can say that you do not need money anymore. Well, that’s the truth and let’s take it. But, my only question is, how much money is required for a comfortable living?

Food, clothing and shelter is not enough

We are living in a society where millions are struggling, even to this day, for basic necessities of life such as food, clothing and shelter. However, on the contrary, I can see millions of others who are unhappy about their existing lifestyle in spite of having all the necessities of life. So, why are they unhappy? What do they want?

I know a friend who owns a great house and car, goes out on family outings and yearly vacations. Plus, all those little bit of shopping. Sounds good, isn’t it? But heck, the reality is NO! Upon observing keenly, what I realised is, there are 2 reasons to stay unhappy –

  • First reason – You are stuck in debt / loans which is too much to handle for you, month-on-month
  • Second reason – You have no loans yet, you’re unhappy because you need more money, which in turn helps you buy all that you want and save a lot of it, probably for the bad days ahead.

Now, let’s analyse both the above situations. In the first situation, you are unhappy for a reason and that reason is indeed a serious one. You will have to keep aside a chunk of your salary for the EMIs and survive with the rest. So, yes, you are unhappy from within. In the second situation, you have everything that you need to survive and to enjoy as well, yet, you’re unhappy. You are sad because you’re not able to make more money and that haunts you every day. Sometimes, you’ll be required to make more money for the sake of your wife / family.

No matter in which situation you’re in, you’ll be surprised to know you can still be happy and lead a contended life. How’s it possible? Well, it’s very simple and it involves 2 steps.

  • 1st step is to manage your existing income carefully by investing and saving. Save at least 10 % of your monthly earnings and invest it in SIP (shares/mutual fund), real estate, gold, or whatever you’re comfortable with. It does not matter how much you invest as long as you’re doing it. Also, if you know anyone around you who has been able to manage their finances successfully, talk to them and take a piece of advise. There’s no harm in asking.
  • 2nd step is to be grateful for all the money that you have and that you’re able to survive. Imagine what happens if you did not even have that? So, be grateful for what you have and learn to be happy about it. Being grateful for what you have helps you get more of it. You may want to read how to be grateful in life to understand it better.

The above 2 points might sound not so important but when followed stringently can create wonders. Don’t believe me? Try it. After all, there’s nothing for you to lose. But if it works, you gain a lot and can help you come out of the financial struggle. Remember, money is an absolute necessity in life and you need to earn it, whether for you or for your family. So, plan well and take the right decision.

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