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Buy groceries online from Supr Daily app in Bengaluru

Groceries are an essential part of almost any family, unless and until someone does not want to eat vegetables and fruits, or does not need any of the cooking essentials. Since the lockdown began, there has been a dearth of essential goods and primarily, groceries. I have faced the shortage of groceries in almost every store that I walked in to, and struggled to find the required items in the market.

Buy groceries online

After a careful research and checking with my friends and family, I was suggested about 5 apps that deliver fresh milk and groceries in Bengaluru. After trying them all, I liked just one app and that is – Supr Daily! The apps exists from quite some time and have far less complaints too. Most importantly, they deliver to almost every area of Bengaluru and to certain cities across India.

So, I thought of writing a post on Supr Daily today considering that a lot of people aren’t aware of it. At these unprecedented times, an app like Supr Daily will surely help you get your essential items to your home. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the app –

Supr Daily app review in Bengaluru

Why I like this?

Easy to navigate interface and lag-free

Availability of milk and curd throughout the day

Place orders until 11pm for next day delivery

Huge selection of brands for milk, curd and dairy products

Instant refunds for cancellations and/or non-delivery of items

No minimum order

Great customer service (email, phone and chat)

Why I don’t like this?

Flat delivery fee of Rs.20 for orders of any size

Products become stock out abruptly

Lesser discounts when compared to competitors

Orders delivered between 5am and 7am only

One of the major plus points for me is the fact that they allow you to place orders until 11pm and you can have it delivered before 7am next day! I recently placed an order at 10:55pm and I had the order in my hand at 5am the next day! Some others include the option to choose milk, curd, and other dairy products from various brands such as Nandini, Akhsayakalpa, Heritage, Happy Milk, Dodla, Amul, Milky Mist and more.

Supr Daily also has groceries though the options aren’t fancy. However, it does serve the purpose for your daily needs especially now during the lockdown. I have ordered fresh vegetables, fruits and some food items such as rice, dal and flour; and everything seems to be good. The products are fresh and far from expiry date. I have also ordered bread and it’s always soft and fresh.

In spite of a few setbacks, I would prefer Supr Daily for all your grocery and daily essentials. Try it once and it should be helpful. If not, you always have a dozen more options to choose from. If nothing works, of course you have the option to walk-in to a nearby store!

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