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Corona virus in Bengaluru: Top 3 tips to stay healthy

It’s been close to 3 weeks now since I first heard about Corona virus, and the way it created an impact in China. Since then, I have been seeing it spread across different countries and there’s no stopping to it. As I write this email, there are about 170 cases reported across India, and about 17 cases reported from Karnataka, and about half of those reported from Bengaluru. While the numbers are way lesser when compared to the population of our country, it’s still a matter of worry as Corona virus can spread from one person to another at a… read more Corona virus in Bengaluru: Top 3 tips to stay healthy

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Not everything is lost…!

It’s been close to a year now and I all can do is think about the fact that I lost my blog content. Yes, my blog crashed and I lost all the data that I had built in the last 5 years. The blog had more than 30+ posts, with each of them being distinctive to each other. was probably one of the first blogs that unearthed the IIPM scam across 5 different series of posts, giving out names of the people involved and conversations as is. I’d also reviewed various tourist places, mobile and network devices, motorbikes,… read more Not everything is lost…!