Temples to open in Bengaluru: What’s next?

In a major relief to millions of devotees, all Hindu temples have got the permission to open across Bengaluru and Karnataka from June 1, 2020. In a recent communication from the Government of Karnataka, temples have been permitted to open for devotees but, the rules of social distancing have to be followed stringently.

If reports are to be believed, temple authorities have already made the necessary arrangements, as they were anticipating a decision in their favour.

Social distancing precautions at Hindu Temples

To ensure that the protocols set by the Government are accurately followed, temple management committees have already communicated the guidelines to their internal staff and security personnel. This is very important aspect, as failing to do so, can create a havoc and can lead to a major spread of the virus. So, following the protocol is extremely necessary, and I cannot stress enough.

Some of the necessary measures adopted by the temple authorities include –

  • To make clear markings on the ground for forming a queue
  • To wear mask at all times
  • To check the temperature of every devotee before they enter the premises
  • To make hand sanitisers available inside the temple premises
  • To minimise use of common areas of gathering

While the above mentioned precautionary measures certainly help, temple authorities must take utmost measures at all times to make sure there’s no lapse in any of the above steps.

Are churches, mosques, and Jain temples open?

Another point of interest to be noted is, there has been no statement issued on reopening of mosques, churches, and Jain temples. This is something that people are looking forward to, as Bengaluru and Karnataka also has mosques, churches, and Jain Temples too.

If the confusion isn’t cleared soon, this can lead to unnecessary confusion and anger among the followers of non-Hindu Gods. As such, every devotional place is of utmost importance to their respective cast people, and it’s imperative to respect every person’s belief and following. I hope the Government of Karnataka throws some light on this as well – hopefully prior June 1, 2020.

Will pubs and malls be relaxed in Bengaluru?

Now that temples have been allowed to open, people of Bengaluru and Karnataka are now guessing on what might open from 1st of June. While some are hoping that malls and bigger shopping complexes (such as Jayanagar 4th Block Shopping complex in Bangalore) might be relaxed, others are hoping that multiplexes and eateries are relaxed. And there are some who want the pubs and cafes to open.

Well, while each one of us have our own linkings and preferences, what’s important here is to understand that which of them can lead to an easy spread of the virus,. While opening hotels might not be a deal breaker, opening a multiplex or a pub can definitely get problematic.

So, before the Government decides on what needs to be relaxed from June 1, 2020, they will have to look at the pros and cons of it from a deeper level, and not just from the economic standpoint. We are just 4 days away from June 1, and I am all ears to know what’s being relaxed. Till then, stay safe 🙂

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