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Best places to drink filter coffee in Bengaluru

Filter coffee is something that I cannot miss out on. On any given day, unless and until I am down with extreme fever, I will cherish and enjoy a minimum of 5 cups of coffee. There’s a sense of contentment and satisfaction that an authentic filter coffee can give you, and there’s no second thought about that.

As a resident of Bengaluru for 3 decades, I have had coffee across several hundreds of hotels. And now, I have finalised the top 6 places where you get to drink authentic filter coffee that depicts the true aroma and flavour of a filter coffee. A coffee needs to have a appropriate portion of sugar, milk, and strong aromatic decoction; and when these are mixed together, what you get it a brilliant cup of coffee.

Here are the places where I love drinking coffee. I am sure you’d have been here, and if not, please do only if you love to drink authentic South Indian filter coffee.

Ganesh Dose Camp a.k.a Ganesh Darshan – Jayanagar, Bengaluru

This is one of those places that I highly rccommend. The thick milk, fresh decoction and the right amount of sugar makes the coffee extremely tasty tay is sure to give you the ‘kick’! In fact, a few years ago, The Times of India newspaper had rated Ganesh Darshan as one of the best places to drink coffee in Bengaluru. So, all in all, if you are looking to drink authentic filter coffee in Bengaluru, make sure Ganesh Darshan is on the list. From Jayanagar 4th block shopping complex, it will take you about 5 – 10 minutes on foot.

BTW, for folks who don’t know, Ganesh Darshan was initially known as ‘Dose Camp’ (famous for the variety of Dosas that were served fresh and hot), and later was renamed to Ganesh Darshan.

Hotel Pallavi – Jayanagar, Bengaluru

I love drinking coffee at Pallavi. It’s a small shop outside the dine-in and self-service Pallavi restaurant. Grab a coffee at Pallavi and I am sure you’ll love it. The best thing about Pallavi is, you get to have fresh coffee at any point of time, and does not have to be morning or evening specifically. The coffee is made in the signature style, and it’s really rejuvenating when you have a cuppa here!

The coffee costs you Rs.10 and trust me, that’s the best thing money can buy. If needed, you may even dine-in and order a wide range of South Indian delicacies; and having said that, one of the must try dish here is the Bisi Bele Bath – a spicy rice dish filled with veggies and authentic spices!

Brahmin’s Coffee Bar – Gandhi Bazaar, Bengaluru

This is yet another iconic eatery in Bengaluru who also serve one of the finest coffee in the city. BTW, this eatery opens at sharp 5:55 am except Sunday’s, and you can find the queue piling up right from early morning until the closing time. So, if you are looking for the best filter coffee in Bengaluru, come down to Brahmin’s coffee bar in Basavanagudi / Gandhi Bazaar and you won’t be disappointed.

Here’s another info for all of you: Once you’re at Brahmin’s Coffee Bar, don’t miss to eat their signature Idli, Vada and Upma, three dishes that are popular here, and are served piping hot. Mind blowing!

SLV Coffee Bar – Near BDA Complex, Banashankari, Bengaluru

This is one of the oldest hotels in Bengaluru serving signature style South Indian food for the Bengalureans. Every time I come here, I first start with a cup of hot coffee, served in a large glass with the right amount of decoction, sugar and thick milk, all blended together to give the right amount of flavour and taste, amazing!

Also, this place is famous for piping hot Idli served only with chutney (no sambar) and upma. So, do not miss out on these dishes as well! BTW, this place is right opposite to Banashankari BDA complex, and is very close to Mono type / BNMIT college.

MTR (Mavalli Tiffin Room) – Lalbagh, Bangalore

This is yet again, one of the oldest serving restaurants in Bengaluru, and has a legacy of its own. At this place, you are lucky to get a seat even if you come before 7am, as the place gets filled very soon, Nevertheless, for coffee livers, there’s a separate counter on the ground floor and you can order a cup of strong filter coffee! Trust me, this is something that you’d have never had elsewhere and it’s worth it to grab a cup of coffee early morning.

BTW, this place is very close to Lalbagh Botanical Garden, and is closer to the passport office and Urvashi theater. Another thing to note is, MTR has opened several branches across the city but, nothing can come close to the taste offered at this original place. So, do try your favourite cup of coffee at the original MTR for the best taste!

Maiyas Restaurant – Jayanagar, Bengaluru

Again, one of the old and popular eateries in Bengaluru located at the prime area, Jayanagar. This place offers aromatic fresh filter coffee that you should not miss. There’s a dedicated coffee counter outside the hotel where you can grab a cup. The coffee is served in ceramic white cups, something that you don’t find it often outside. Also, the coffee is served without sugar, by default, and you can add the right amount of it that you need Good, isn’t it?

I would suggest, come down to Maiyas and do taste the coffee here. It’s worth every sip and can really make you feel relaxed and pumped up.

So, these were some of the places that I like and recommend, and frequented often by the local Bengalureans and Kannadigas. If you know of any place that serves aromatic, fresh and authentic filter coffee, do let me know and I’ll be there to try. I promise 🙂

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