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Trip to Goa: Food, beach, and doing nothing!

If you ask anyone for the best place to hang out within your city, they’ll tell you about their favourite pubs, lounge, malls, eat outs, gaming zones and what not! But, the question to be asked here is, will you be totally relaxed doing all this? Or, imagine yourself lying on a sun bath bed on the beach in your most comfortable dress, a glass of drink next to you, hot and delicious food beside, and with the sound of waves hitting your ears every few seconds. EDM music playing out of the Bluetooth speakers. No clutter. No nonsense. Most importantly, no phone calls and messages. May be, your favourite book in your hand. Stretch back. Relax.

If this sort of relaxation makes you happy, all you have to do is pack your bags for the next 3 days and head to Goa! Yes, Goa is one such place that requires not much of a planning. Simply drive through your car, or book a bus or flight depending on your needs, and zoom to the coastal city. Take a beach side cottage in South Goa and your relaxation time begins! I am writing this post today as many of my friends have told me that they don’t actually feel relaxed when they’re on a holiday or specifically when they’re in Goa. May be, you’re not doing it the way it’s supposed to be. Read below and there’s a good chance that you might unlock the secret 😉

Heaven = Lovely Food and Lively Beach

The sole purpose of going to Goa is to relax. Yes, read it again. I’ve seen a couple of my friends planning for a local sightseeing for all the days they’d stay there. Well, seeing the places is certainly a great idea but at least keep a day or two off only to relax. When I say relax, I mean doing nothing. Yes. nothing.

My perception of a holiday is, you gotta do things that you don’t do back home. When you’re on a holiday, DO NOT

  • Do office work
  • Text your friends, family and office colleagues
  • Make phone calls to your friends, family and office colleagues
  • Roam the entire city, day and night, as if there’s no tomorrow!
  • Worry about things back home or office
  • Think about your future or problems in life

Look, you have come all the way to Goa, a place synonymous for great beaches, food and nightlife. So, why not enjoy the moment? You might be in Goa for 3 days, 4 days, or may be for 7 days. Ultimately, you will go back home and things will start to pile up on you. Until then, enjoy the place and do whatever you want that makes you happy.

Whenever I travel to Goa, I book a sea view cottage in Palolem or Anjuna. I get up in the morning and lie down on the sun bath bed, hold a glass of orange juice, a piece of fresh vegetable cheese sandwich, a pair of wireless Bose earphones plugged in with Trance pumping out at full volume, and of course a pair of sunglasses for the shade. That’s it! I lie for hours together and just RELAX RELAX RELAX! After sun goes down, I party at my favourite pub, enjoy lip-smacking candle light dinner on the beach, and depending with whom I am, I enjoy the rest of the night spending time with them. I do not answer phone calls, read messages, or think about anything unhappy for several hours, thus making me feel rejuvenated from within.

So, the next time you’re in Goa or any beach side destination, make sure you do nothing but relax. After all, that’s the purpose of going on a holiday. At the moment due to the Corona virus in Bangalore and rest of the world, Goa is shut until the 31st of March 2020 and this means, all beach side hotels and activities in Goa, private resorts in Goa, pubs and casinos in Goa, and tourist attractions in Goa are closed. I am sure this will pass soon and hopefully by the end of April, I hope to visit this land of beaches and rejuvenate myself. Happy holidays in advance!

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