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Lost your job because of COVID-19? You’re not alone

It all started with the outbreak of COVID-19 sometime during December last year. What started from China, began to spread across the world, with USA being the worst affected of all. While there are job cuts worldwide because of the pandemic, the effect of it is certainly going to last longer. Simply imagine that you don’t have a job anymore, how would you even manage your daily finances, let alone repaying the debt and any EMIs that you have? While the thought of it itself sends a chill down the spine, I can only imagine how the affected people would feel.

This pandemic has affected the jobs for almost all industries, with hospitality being the most affected. I know so many of my friends who were working for major airlines and hotel chains, who’ve now lost their jobs because of the crisis. In fact, many if them have not even got their salaries yet, have been asked to leave. On the other hand, certain companies are offering severance packages / 3 months of salary before asking their employees to resign.

Look for jobs online

Now that the pandemic has seen a rise in the recent days and working from home has become a new norm, let us brace ourselves for working from home, more often if not every day, as the outlook towards working from home has seen a major shift from the traditional forms of working.

If you have lost your job recently and looking to join a new firm, of course that’s a wise decision. However, considering the present situation, I would strongly suggest that you start to apply for jobs that let you work from home. All you have to do is join a freelancing firm and complete the orders as needed. This can become a sustainable job on a long run even if you fail to find a regular job out in the market.

Accept any job that you get

About a month ago, I helped one of my friend get a freelancing job online that lets him earn decent money online. However, he refused to take it up because he wanted a better one. Today, he’s still without a job and now, he’s ready to take up that job. But, it’s gone! Now, neither does he have a better job nor the one that I suggested.

So, take this as an example and you don’t want to be in my friend’ spot. Considering the current pandemic, it’s important that you first find a job for yourself. Trust me, at these times, take what you get and try to settle down. Once things improve, you always have the option to get back to whatever you want. After all, these are unexpected times and no one knew this would occur. It’s really not your fault, it’s just the tough times.

Choose from high paying online jobs

The best part of working online is that you can choose your job. Yes, literally. There are thousands of jobs in the market that are required to be done from the comfort of your home.

So, how to pick the right job? This is on of the most toughest things to decide. But at blog, we have the answer. Simply follow the 3 steps below that will help you take a decision.

1. Identify your skill set – Yes, this is the first step. Sit down and think on what you are good at. You may be best at creating logos and designing graphics, or you may be an expert at writing articles. Or, may be an expert at creating websites and blogs. Or, may be a specialist in giving beauty and health tips. Or, you may be best on social media marketing. Whatever be your skill set, make sure you get to know first.articles.

2. Set your price – Once you understand your skill set, the next step is to set your price. Most of the online websites are looking for people who can deliver quality jobs at the best price. So, based on your expertise, set a competitive price. For example, you can find decent logo creators charging about Rs.500 per logo. Similary, a decent content writer charges about Rs.700 for a 1000-page article. A SEO expert charges about Rs.600 to write SEO article or embed SEO keywords within a pre-written article. The charges vary from one job to another however, it all depends on how much you set for an article

3. Promote your job online – The last step is to promote your skill set online. If you are specialist at something but if the world doesn’t know about it, what’s the use? So, once you follow the above 2 steps, make sure you promote it extensively. You can inform your friends and family, add a post on Facebook or Twitter, add a poster on Instagram explaining your services. You may even send out SMS to your known ones explaining about your new found role.

At these times, let us stay together and hope that the situation improves. In the meanwhile, do follow the above steps that can help you earn a sustainable income. I personally know a lot of my friends who have started doing this since the last 2 months and have found great success. Some of them are earning in excess of Rs.40,000 per month – and that’s a good amount of money, isn’t it?

Do try it out and let me know how it works. As always, you can drop me a message on my Facebook page or Twitter handle and I’ll respond to you as fast as I can. Have a great day and trust me, everything will be good.

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